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Cathleen Bolek is a Top 100 Ohio Attorney

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Cathleen Bolek named a top 100 Ohio attorney

We are honored to announced that Ohio Super Lawyers Magazine has named Cathleen Bolek one of the Top 100 Attorneys in Ohio. For the sixth and eighth years in a row respectively, the publication has also named Matthew D. Besser and Amy S. Glesius to its list of Ohio Super Lawyers in employment law representing individuals. [Read more…]

Trump sued for violating the First Amendment on Twitter. Sad!

The free speech institute at Columbia University—along with seven citizens from across the country—have sued President Trump for violating the First Amendment by blocking Twitter followers because they criticized him.

Perhaps this case sounds silly or trivial. It isn’t. Filed in New York federal court, the case highlights critical and unanswered questions about free speech in a digital world. The case is called Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University et. al. v. Donald J. Trump, et. al.
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High Court to address protections for corporate whistleblowers

Last week, as the Supreme Court was closing business for the Summer, it announced it will soon hear a case that will either preserve or strip away an important protection for corporate whistleblowers. Digital Realty Trust, Inc. v. Somers appears at first blush to involve just a narrow question of statutory interpretation. But its potential implications for Ohio and the nation are actually much broader than that. [Read more…]

Appeals court holds federal employment law bans sexual orientation discrimination

For the first time, a federal appeals court has held that federal employment discrimination law protects LGBT employees from sexual orientation discrimination. Until this week, no federal court of appeals had reached that conclusion. This week’s groundbreaking decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dramatically expands the rights of LGBT employees in the private sector.

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The Trump who stole Christmas

What should Ohio employees expect from a Trump administration?

As Cleveland employment lawyers who represent working Ohioans, we are very concerned about what the incoming Trump administration means for employment law and civil rights. If the President-elect’s cabinet picks are any indication, the omens are foreboding. During the next four years, Ohio employees should expect steps back for their rights and steps forward for corporate interests. [Read more…]

“The Best Lawyers in America” honors Bolek Besser yet again

It is our honor to announce, once again, that every attorney at Bolek Besser Glesius LLC has been named to The Best Lawyers in America© for employment law representing individuals in Cleveland. This is the second year in a row that Best Lawyers has named Cathleen M. Bolek, Amy S. Glesius, and Matthew D. Besser to its respected list. The publication previously named Amy its 2013 and 2016 Cleveland “Lawyer of the Year” for employment law representing employees. [Read more…]

Dep’t of Labor Expands Overtime Protections to 4.2 Million Workers

This week, the Department of Labor announced a new rule that will expand the protection of federal overtime pay law to millions of workers, including more than a hundred thousand Ohioans. According to the Department and the White House, the new rule—which was long-anticipated—will bring approximately 4.2 million white collar, but low-income, workers within the protection of the federal overtime pay law, the Fair Labor Standards Act. [Read more…]

Does Title VII Prohibit LGBTQ Discrimination? The EEOC Says Yes.

This week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed its first ever lawsuits against private employers for unlawful sexual orientation discrimination in employment. Although long-anticipated, the lawsuits are part of a major effort by the EEOC to break new ground in the world of employment discrimination, specifically with respect to LGBTQ rights in the workplace. [Read more…]

EEOC Warns Against Anti-Muslim Workplace Discrimination

In the wake of the horrific Paris and San Bernadino attacks, a fair amount of ugly anti-Muslim rhetoric, and worse, quickly permeated some segments of the nation. Concerned that this backlash would unduly spill over into the workplace, on December 23, 2015, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued two resource documents. Both are designed to remind employers and employees alike that Americans of the Muslim faith or Middle Eastern national origin are entitled to the same freedom from employment discrimination as everyone else. [Read more…]

Study finds employers less likely to hire applicants with disabilities

The New York Times this week reported on a joint study conducted by Syracuse and Rutgers Universities that found employers are generally far less likely to hire applicants who reveal they have a disability. Individuals with a disability applying for jobs should take note. Thankfully, federal and Ohio disability discrimination laws prohibit employers from asking applicants whether they have a disability. [Read more…]