Medina Employment Discrimination Attorney

Medina County is rapidly growing, as more and more people are moving south from the Cleveland area to call Medina their new home. But whether you live and work in Wadsworth or you commute from Brunswick to Cleveland, if you are being mistreated at work, you need an employment discrimination attorney on your side.

You have the right to be free from illegal employment discrimination in Ohio workplaces. Employers may not  engage in racial discrimination, age discrimination, or disability discrimination. Nor may they discriminate against an employee on the basis of color, sex, religion, national origin, pregnancy, genetic information, or military status. This ban on illegal workplace discrimination includes matters such as hiring, firing, pay, demotions, suspensions, benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.

Not only is it unlawful to intentionally discriminate against employees, the Ohio and federal employment laws also forbid workplace policies and practices that have the unintentional effect of disproportionately hurting employees in a protected class. Similarly, employers may not retaliate against so-called “whistleblowers”—those who report suspected illegal discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

At Bolek Besser Glesius LLC we are devoted to justice for employees who have suffered employment discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in Ohio workplaces. We have more than 50 years of collective experience as employment discrimination attorneys representing employees in places like Medina County, Cleveland, and throughout Northeast Ohio. If you feel your rights in the workplace may have been violated, contact us for a free consultation today. Do not wait until it is too late.