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Free Speech

Cleveland Free Speech Lawyers

Public sector employees do not automatically give up their First Amendment right to free speech when they work for a government employer.

If you are a government employee in the Cleveland area and have been fired or otherwise mistreated in retaliation for exercising your right to free speech, your constitutional rights may have been violated.

In general, government employees have the right to be free from First Amendment retaliation in the government workplace. First Amendment retaliation occurs when a public employee is fired or retaliated against for reporting public corruption, abuse of public trust, misuse of public funds, or other illegal behavior at a government job. However, not all speech by public employees is protected. Whether you have a claim for First Amendment retaliation depends on a variety of legal and factual questions. To find out if you have a claim, you should consult with an experienced free speech lawyer.

Most Cleveland area public employees also have a First Amendment right not to be fired for their political beliefs. In many cases, it is illegal to fire a government employee for supporting, or refusing to support, a particular candidate, political issue, or political party. When employees are fired under these circumstances, it is called a “patronage” dismissal. Not every employee is protected from patronage dismissals, however, so figuring out whether you have a claim requires you to speak to a First Amendment attorney.

At Bolek Besser Glesius, our Cleveland free speech lawyers are experienced in helping government employees like you fight back when they speak out in the workplace and face First Amendment retaliation as a result.

If you are a government employee and believe your First Amendment rights have been violated, contact us today.