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High Court to address protections for corporate whistleblowers

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Last week, as the Supreme Court was closing business for the Summer, it announced it will soon hear a case that will either preserve or strip away an important protection for corporate whistleblowers. Digital Realty Trust, Inc. v. Somers appears at first blush to involve just a narrow question of statutory interpretation. But its potential implications for Ohio and the nation are actually much broader than that. [Read more…]

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Am I Protected if I Complain About Corporate Fraud Internally?

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It takes guts to speak up when your employee breaks the law. But not all whistleblower complaints are created equal. When an employee reports corporate fraud or shareholder fraud to a supervisor or someone else inside the company—as opposed to a government agency—there can be a question whether that report entitles the employee to protection from retaliation.

If you are an employee in Cleveland, Akron, or anywhere else in Ohio who reported fraud by your employer and were retaliated against as a result, the Cleveland whistleblower attorneys at Bolek Besser Glesius LLC may be able to help. [Read more…]

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Can you recover emotional distress damages under Sarbanes-Oxley?

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (“SOX”) provides remedies for employees of publicly traded companies who are retaliated against by their employers for reporting suspected corporate fraud or other misconduct related to shareholders. A recent case decided by the United States Court of Appeals addressed an important question that is not completely clear from the language of the statute itself: whether SOX whistleblowers can recover emotional distress damages. Siding with the Department of Labor and two previous federal Courts of Appeal to examine the issue, the Court answered yes.

Although the case did not arise in Ohio, it has potentially significant ramifications for employees who find that they need a Cleveland corporate fraud whistleblower attorney. [Read more…]

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