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Muscled Out: Why Employees Shouldn’t Sign Arbitration Agreements

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I went to renew my gym membership last week (and not just because it’s the Holidays). I wasn’t surprised when the manager handed me a contract that had an arbitration clause in it. I was surprised when he tried to tell me the clause just means “we want you to come to us first” if you have any dispute with the gym. I’m sure the manager was instructed by the higher-ups to feed me this line. But it was, to put it very mildly, somewhat untrue. And it reminded me why Ohio employees should avoid signing arbitration agreements at work whenever possible. [Read more…]

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Employees Should Avoid Signing Arbitration Agreements If Possible

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In one of our recent employment discrimination cases, the defendant moved to dismiss our client’s claims from court because she was required to sign on to an arbitration provision when she began her employment. We succeeded in stopping arbitration in that case, but not all employees will be so lucky. More and more, employers are trying to keep their employees from vindicating their rights in court by forcing them to sign arbitration agreements. [Read more…]

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